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I love running 10km because it feels like enough of a challenge that it is satisfying but it doesn’t require any time consuming training!

Running 10km requires strength, energy and endurance. It is an accomplishment in itself but is also the beginning of longer training runs for half and full marathons.

I’ve never been one for running fast, and I believe that comparing your times to other people’s can be unhelpful. That said, sometimes it is good to have a vague idea of where you stand against the average!

Average run times for 10km

1. Average 10km run times by age and sex.

1. Average 10km run times by age and sex.

These times are based on the 10km run times for normal people who are relatively fit. They will be running 10 to 14 minute miles where as more advanced runners will be running closer to a 7 minute mile for a 10km run.

I hope you find this table useful.

Keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts about how to avoid injury and increasing your weekly mileage.

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