How to do a kegel correctly

A kegel as an exercise on its own is great but we can make it even more effective by adding a few extra things to it. These include, using our breath, engaging our core and adding movement. All of these help make it more functional, which is important because when women have incontinence problems, following birth or during menopause, it usually happens when they are moving about as supposed to sitting still.

So to kegel, start with

1) Make a ‘ssssss’ sound which will create pre-tension in our core.

2) Then take a deep breath in and feel your chest rise and your tummy expand, exhale and feel your chest falling, your tummy return to normal and your abs slightly engaged. Repeat the inhalation and squat down.

3) This time on the exhale, stand up and do a kegel. Visualise the coccyx at the back and the pubis at the front coming together and lifting the entire pelvic floor.

Relax the whole area as you inhale, ready to repeat 10-15 times daily, or 3 times a day if you are pregnant.