About Me

About me

About Me

Hi, I’m Amy!

I am the creator of The Plan of Action, the plan that makes your feel happier and healthier one small change at a time.

Vegetarian to vegan

I turned vegetarian when I was 8 years old for ethical reasons (my Mum was hoping it was just a phase that I would get bored of 2 weeks later but sadly for her I didn’t!), over the years I added environment and health to the list of why I was vegetarian. 

If you have done any research into animal welfare, you know the next logical step is to turn vegan (the dairy industry supports the meat industry) but I had always thought that was a step too far and I wasn’t sure if I could give up chocolate!

I turned vegan for 30 days as a challenge to myself and was very surprised by what happened, I felt amazing at the end of it and had so much more energy, I have never looked back! 12 years on and I am still happily vegan and am now using my experience and The Plan of Action to help others experience the same benefits!

A bit more about me

I started gymnastics coaching when I was 14 and over the years worked in both club setting and school settings and then started coaching trampling and cheerleading. Since then I have added personal training to my repertoire which I am now focusing on full time.  

I came up with the idea of The Plan of Action while driving from London to Cape Town last year. I had to figure out how to maintain my fitness without a gym, to add to the challenge part way through the journey my trainers were stolen (literally, at knife point)! The combination of very little control over what I was eating (we didn’t have a fridge in the car) and driving for up to 8 hours a day, could have had devastating effects on my fitness but with some small changes, not only did I maintain my fitness levels but I got stronger too!

When I got home I realised that the plan I had created would suit someone who worked long hours in an office and didn’t enjoy going to the gym. 

Since returning from our trip, I have spent my time refining the plan and am looking forward to sharing it with you! 

About Me
About Me
About Me


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